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About Hotel Galaxy Intercontinental

More than two thousand five hundred years ago, a prince called Siddhartha gave up his glorious life in fond of searching for enlightenment. The real bliss of life over the centuries; this place has become a path of salvation for many around the world. We are proud to become one of the jewels amongst this holiest land as hotel "Galaxy Intercontinental" serve many on the way of happiness. Galaxy Intercontinental is a full service hotel which is going to keep up the ambience so as to entertain all the travellers from all around the world. The unique feature of this hotel is going to be a closeness of all the enchanting temples and monasteries.

As the word galaxy is self explanatory and so are the services provided. As all the stars, constellations, planets gather up in a galaxy, likewise we have our multi cuisine restaurant, cafe, banquet hall, bar, and a souvenir shop at your service in one place. The concept has been nicely elaborated so as to fulfil your all needs and comforts and make you feel at home. Welcome home!

We are immensely pleased to provide you elegantly furnished spacious 65 guest rooms along with "Nebula - multi cuisine restaurant "serving a variety of Indian, Continental, Chinese, Thai, Japanese and Italian cuisine. Not just that but the bar that helps you relax in quiet a peaceful manner named as "eclipse". "Polaris and North Star - banquet hall "can accommodate all your gatherings and make it more joyful with the atmosphere that itself makes you want to celebrate more! A cup of coffee at "Supernova cafe" surely is unavoidable and so is the souvenir shop "Orion" The arrangements are so made to give you the best comfort feel and allow ourselves to make a little contribution to your journey.


Bodhgaya Places Of interest


It is a very scared pilgrim's center for Hindus. Oblations are offered for salvation of their demised parents and forefathers. The temple of vishnupad on the bank of river falgu attracts a very large numbers of pilgrims from all over the world.
Interesting places to visit- vishnupad temple, maglaguri temple, ramsagar lake ext. distance from bodhgaya to Gaya 10 km.


The ancient capital of the Magadha Empire. Lord Buddha often visited the monastery here to meditate and to preach. Rajgir is also sacred to the jains, since lord mahavira spent many years here.
Interesting places- gridhakuta hill, the vishwa shanti stupa, ropeway, sonebhandar, venu van, hot water spring, maniyer math, bimdisar jail, viraytan, jarasandh ka akhara, replica wheel of lord Krishna chariot. Distance from bodhgaya is 95 km.


Here is the tranquil deer park, where Lord Buddha preached his first sermon. In later times, Emperor Asoka erected magnificent stupas and building at sarnath, making it an important place of pilgrimage.
Interesting places- dhamukh stupa, Asoka pillar, chowkhandi stupa, mulagamdha kuti vihar. Distance from bodhgaya 225 km.


Is where Lord Buddha breathed his last and achieved mahaparinirvana.
Interesting places - nirvana temple, rambhar stupa, matha kaur shrine.


A great centre of Buddhist learning, nalanda came into around the 5th century BC and was an extensive library.
Interesting places- sariputra stupa, nalanda archaeological museum. Distance from bodhgaya 60 km.